Changing the Default Permalink Setting

The driving force behind a WordPress website are blog posts. Posts are more dynamic than pages. However, it is possible to create really huge WordPress sites with all pages and zero posts. That’s a topic for another article.

One of the first settings you should look at when creating a WordPress Website is your “permalink” setting. That is, how WordPress extends your URL.

Let’s say for example, that your WordPress website is If you create a blog post called, “Top Five Waterfalls in Guyana,” WordPress might create a URL like this for this page:

Here are some other possible extensions WordPress might create for this post:

And a few others. It all depends on your permalinks setting. To tweak your permalinks settings, from your WordPress Dashboard, click on Settings >> Permalinks. There, you will be able to select the option which you prefer in terms of how your URLs are extended when you create a blog post. This is very important because the default category might not be appealing to you.

Personally, I select the “Custom” structure and configure it to show “category/postname.” At this stage, all of this might seem a bit hard to digest, but I’ll simplify it further in my article, “Understanding Permalink Settings in WordPress.”

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